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Wildlife Management

Sometimes the best way to ensure year-round health of the animals you manage is to create the ideal habitat and watch over its development. With Gander Mountain's knowledge and variety of items in our Wildlife Management category, you can maintain the kind of wildlife you want using food plots, feed, and minerals, and monitor the location and any visitors with game cameras and treestands.

Establishing and maintaining a food plot that attracts bucks and birds alike takes high-quality food plot nutrition. Foraging is an intricate part of animal life and having a variety of options is important to make sure you find the right fit for your plot in every season. If you simply want to enjoy the view or enhance your hunting spot, when it's time to plant, we can help guarantee that you'll be ready.

A convenient, fast way to get your food plot started or field covered is to incorporate an ATV/UTX sprayer or implement. Spreaders and sprayers can shoot out larger amounts of seed to save you time and resources. If you have a large space for wildlife management, make the job easier on yourself and more plentiful with these innovative accessories.

Give deer something to nibble on and they will come running to your area. For wildlife management that provides consistent eating without having to alter the surrounding area, a feeder is there for you. A feeder gives you complete control of the quantity, timing, and placement in your wildlife management. Food can be dispensed by gravity or a motor, but the key is to keep the deer satisfied and hungry for more.

Feeds, minerals, and attractants can add that extra amount of allure to your wildlife management. Sprinkle feed in your area or set out a big block for a smell and taste that bucks, does, and wild hogs can't ignore. The mixed, tantalizing flavors of supplements and minerals aren't always available in other wildlife management tools. That's why we at Gander Mountain maintain the right amount of variety for the animals you want to attract.

Laying down the right seed mixture is only part of wildlife management; monitoring present game so you can plan accordingly is also imperative. Whether you want to know where animals are gathering first or you've already set the scene with feed and supplements, game cameras can let you know what is happening when you're not there. Fashioned in a multitude of camo patterns, game cameras stay hidden and won't spook nearby animals. With their speed, quality, and sheer number of images, game cameras can be an essential tool to managing wildlife.

In order to gain another perspective, sometimes getting off the ground is the perfect solution. Comfortable and concealed, treestands give you a bird’s-eye view of the area. When hunting season rolls around, put your wildlife management skills to the test by setting up your treestand and getting ready to shoot. With plenty of leg room, many treestands give you the versatility to shoot with a gun or a bow and remain comfortable the entire time. Find the treestand that fits your style and hunt with both safety and comfort in mind!

Wildlife management can include growing healthy plants, spreading feed and leaving tasty treats, to keeping a close eye on the animals near you. Gander Mountain is sure to provide you with everything you need to manage wildlife for hunting in an excellent setting.