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Waterfowl Hunting Tips & Gear For Waterfowl Hunting Fall Season

Ducks and geese are on the move, but don't let them fly by without checking with you first. At Gander Mountain, you will find everything you need for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season. Equip yourself with items like hunting apparel and footwear to stay out of sight, plus waders and gear bags to help you maneuver the field. Fill those packs up with all of your hunting necessities such as decoys, calls, blinds, dog training gear, shotguns, ammo, hardware, and more.

Camouflage is a hunter's greatest asset when it comes to waterfowl. Choosing the right hunting apparel for your site can mean the difference between a successful hunt and walking away with nothing. Make sure all of your hunting apparel, from coats, shirts, vests, and headwear, to gloves, pants, packs, and boots, are decked out in camouflage appropriate for your area. When you're trekking out to your blind and waiting for birds in the early hours, these apparel items will keep you warm and dry without making a lot of noise. This apparel will not only give you comfort and stealth, it is also a great place to store other essential accessories.

Waterfowl hunters know that sometimes you have to get directly in the water to truly experience the thrill of the hunt. Waders and rubber hunting boots allow you to get right in the action while also staying warm and dry. Designed in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns, you can find waders and boots to fit your size, style, and hunting environment. At the end of the day, set your boots or gloves on a set of dryers and get ready for another successful bird hunting experience.

Not only should the clothes on you be camouflaged and water-resistant, but the bags and packs that you put your gear into should as well. Ducks and geese are smarter than given credit and they'll notice if you skip out on quality, matching gear bags for your environment. These lightweight packs are also durable enough to hold your valuable accessories like ammo, calls, and sights.

Gander Mountain provides a large assortment of decoys in order for you to create the perfect decoy spread. Even the wariest duck or goose can't deny a well set up area featuring a wide variety of body postures, head positions, and realistic paint schemes. Whether you set up in the field and need standing decoys with sturdy mounts, or are on the water and want a mix of both stationary and moving decoys, we've got you covered. Accompany your decoy setup with high-quality, easy-to-use duck or goose calls to lure extra-shy birds or attract birds from far distances.

Take the next step in the world of stealth with an innovative waterfowl blind. Covered with high-quality camouflage, a waterfowl blind will conceal you from your target until the proper moment without taking away your line of sight. Make your blind or boat blend into the background even more with sections of authentic blind grass. A durable frame maintains the blind's shape and usability for years, while layers of padded seating keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

For many hunters, the gear for their canine best friend is just as important as their own. Your trusted hunting partner can succeed both in training and real time hunting with a cutting-edge electronic dog collar. Dog blinds and stands give them great vantage points, while dog vests, skid plates, and other dog apparel keep them comfortable and safe while retrieving your well-earned birds.

The adrenaline and anticipation of waterfowl hunting is enhanced with a proper waterfowl shotgun and boxes of ammunition. Your firearm selection is not only going to be powerful, but can also feature a camouflage finish for concealment and style. The hard-hitting ammo we have in stock will shoot straight and pierce strong for a clean kill. For even more precision and control, equip your shotgun with a choking tube. These specified tubes create tight constrictions and dense patterns in order to gain better range and accuracy. When transporting your firearm on and off the field, trust it to a durable, mobile shotgun case. A gun sling keeps your gun at the ready for the exact moment you need it.

Waterfowl birds can be fast-moving and hard to catch, but with the state-of-the-art optic technology found in Gander Mountain's product collection you can hunt knowing we've got your back. Sights and scopes attached to your shotgun assist in making sure you can acutely find and analyze a distant flock. The zoomed-in view from sights and binoculars alike allows you to determine the best way to react to an incoming or wary flock. Compact binoculars will fit neatly in your pocket, while larger lenses have more light-gathering abilities.

Gander Mountain is dedicated to providing a high-quality assortment of waterfowl hunting items, with the perfect amount of variety you need for a successful hunt. Whether you're new to this exciting sport or want to take your hunting skills to the next level, you can count on us to prepare you for another thrilling waterfowl hunting season.