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Emergency Preparedness


Gander Mountain Emergency Preparedness

Whether it’s a tornado, a hurricane, a fire, a flood, a blizzard, or some other disaster, there usually is very little warning before the trouble strikes. That’s why having an emergency plan is so important. Packing an emergency kit with non-perishable foods, water, flashlights, radio, and other essentials is the first step to being prepared. It is also important to plan emergency escape routes from the home or the area, and plan meeting places both outside the home, and outside the immediate area in case of evacuations.


Download and print out Gander Mountain’s Emergency Preparedness Guide to help you and your loved ones prepare an emergency plan.




•Keep close tabs on the radio and TV whenever severe weather is headed your way to give your family as much time as possible to prepare and react


•Use battery powered lights, not candles for lighting, as an exposed fl ame could ignite gasses or other materials stirred by the disaster.


•Use flashlights sparingly if possible, to extend battery life for when you need light the most.


•Organize games, sing-alongs, reading, etc. to help everyone remain calm when kept together in close quarters during stressful times.


•Open the refrigerator and freezer as little as possible during a power outage to keep cold air in and reduce the chance for food spoilage.


•Turning a refrigerator to its coldest setting also helps prolong food life.


•Keep all medications and medical necessities with you as you hunker down to ride out a storm.


•Keep the gas tank of your car full in case you need to leave in a hurry.


•If using a generator, never hook it up directly to your home’s power supply system. Instead, plug electrical appliances into the outlets on the generator.


•Keep your laptop computer and cell phone charged so you have alternate means of communication.