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Wildgame Innovations Flextone Echo HD 60 Remote Electronic Game Call

Item # 697238
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  • Preloaded with 60 categorized calls

  • Large backlit LCD display

  • Speaker rotates a full 360°

  • Includes a long-range remote control

  • Easily mounts to nearly any flat surface

Product Summary

Preloaded with 60 calls, the Flextone Echo HD 60 Remote Electronic Game Call from Wildgame Innovations is the perfect tool for attracting wildlife for hunting or trail photography. The unit features a large backlit LCD screen and a convenient fully moveable speaker head that spins over 360°. The ergonomic grip handle is comfortable for long-term use. Includes a long-range remote control that allows you to use the Echo HD even when you're away from the unit.

The Flextone Echo HD 60 Remote Electronic Game Call includes the following sounds:
• Bird Distress: Blue Jay
• Bird Distress: Bobwhite Quail
• Bird Distress: Catbird
• Bird Distress: Pileated Woodpecker
• Cat: Bobcat Female Distress
• Cat: Bobcat Young Distress
• Cat: Bobcat Baby Distress
• Coyote: Coyote Male Communicative
• Coyote: Coyote Beta Male Howl
• Coyote: Pup Distress
• Coyote: Coyote Barks
• Coyote: Coyote Pup Scream
• Coyote: Coyote Hunting Whines
• Coyote: Coyote Pups Whining
• Coyote: Coyote Young Group Howl
• Crow: Crow Alarm
• Crow: Mobbing
• Crow: Crow Baby Distress
• Fox: Gray Fox Distress
• Fox: Red Fox Baby Distress
• Hog: Javelina Adult Distress
• Hog: Javelina Young Distress
• Hog: Pig Adult Distress
• Hog: Pig Baby Distress
• Turkey: Chirp
• Turkey: Gobble
• Turkey: Hen Feeding
• Turkey: Purr
• Turkey: Tom Aggressive
• Mouse: Deer Mouse Squeak
• Mouse: Vole Mouse Squeak
• Owl: Barred Owl Distress
• Owl: Owl Hoot
• Owl: Owl Scream
• Owl: Barred Owl Call
• Rabbit: Cottontail Distress
• Rabbit: Jack Rabbit Distress
• Rabbit: Pigmy Cottontail Distress
• Rabbit: Baby Cottontail
• Rabbit: Juvenile Cottontail Distress
• Rabbit: European Hare Distress
• Rabbit: Fleming Hare Distress
• Raccoon: Raccoon Baby and Adult Fighting
• Raccoon: Raccoon Baby Distress
• Raccoon: Aggressive Raccoon
• Raccoon: Raccoon Adult Distress
• Squirrel: Fox Squirrel Distress
• Squirrel: Red Squirrel Distress
• Squirrel: Squirrel Bark and Whine
• Whitetail Deer: Buck Growl
• Whitetail Deer: Buck Snort Wheeze
• Whitetail Deer: Buck Social Grunt
• Whitetail Deer: Corn Feeder Going Off
• Whitetail Deer: Buck Grunt
• Whitetail Deer: Doe Estrus Bleat
• Whitetail Deer: Fawn Bleat
• Whitetail Deer: Buck Fight
• Whitetail Deer: Fawn Distress
• Prairie Dog: Distress