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  • FishHunter Directional 3D Portable Sonar Fish Finder

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    • Powerful sonar unit that fits in your pocket

    • 5 tri-frequency transducers in a single unit

    • Free app turns your smart phone into a fish finder

    • 5 unique modes to offer a clear picture

    • Customizable settings let you tweak your unit

    Product Summary

    FishHunter Directional 3D Portable Sonar Fish Finder
    Sure to change the way you fish, the FishHunter Directional 3D Portable Sonar Fish Finder packs the power of five tri-frequency transducers into a sonar unit compact enough to fit in your pocket. The sonar floats on the surface of the water and can be cast and trolled behind your boat or placed in your ice hole where it tracks water temperature, water depth, bottom contour, and fish locations.

    It features exclusive patented technology to allow you to see picture quality renderings of bottom contour up to 160' below the surface and up to 200' away. Working in unison with the free FishHunter app, Directional 3D turns your smart phone into a powerful fish finder with five unique modes (Directional Casting, Bathymetric Mapping, 3D Structure Mapping, 3D Fishing, Ice Fishing Flasher) that are great for shore fishing, boat fishing, kayak fishing, and even ice fishing.

    Directional Casting
    One of the most powerful views available with the Directional 3D Fish Finder, Directional Casting uses the five tri-frequency transducers to tell you from which direction fish are approaching the sonar unit. On-screen displays of direction and distance let you know exactly where to cast in relation to your sonar unit to have the best chance of catching more fish.

    Bathymetric Mapping
    Bathymetric Mapping is an ideal way to create a custom map of your entire lake or favorite fishing spots, just by trolling or reeling your FishHunter Directional 3D. The map tracks depth and bottom contour as you travel around the lake, and it can be customized to display detailed information about specific areas on your map. You can also easily navigate back to any map location by using the GPS.

    3D Structure Mapping
    3D Structure Mapping creates a detailed map of the bottom in your given location, allowing you to easily see drop offs and their relative depth and distance. You can reel, drift, or troll over the given area to create a map of a single spot or your entire fishing location. All spots are GPS-tagged, so you can save the map and spot for next time.

    3D Fishing
    Create "lifelike" images of the bottom with 3D Fishing. This incredibly detailed, 3D image of the bottom lets you quickly identify bottom features and structure, and it also lets you evaluate bottom contour at a glance. This saves you valuable fishing time to help improve your catch rate.

    Ice Fishing Flasher
    Ice fishermen no longer have to worry about lugging around a bulky flasher, as the Directional 3D fish finder also has an ice fishing flasher view. Able to work in weather conditions as cold as -20°F, it can detect fish and track your line, and turning on the sound also lets out an audible blip to alert you of approaching fish. Since it's never submerged beneath the ice, you can even find the bottom depth without having to drill a hole.

    Customizable settings in every mode let you fine-tune and tweak your unit to your unique situation. The FishHunter Directional 3D Portable Fish Finder also includes a battery charger, USB cord, waterproof armband, 15' leash, FishHunter pouch, and an owner's manual.

    Model FH-501-AN
    Power Output 300W
    Operating Frequency 381 kHz, 475 kHz, 675 kHz
    Max. Depth 160'
    Transducer 5 Tri-Frequency
    Battery Life 10 hrs. or 500 hrs. On Standby