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Recoil Reduction


Fox River Brake

Recoil Brake Installation
The "Original" Fox River Brake™ (Instllation only) $120.00
Up-charge for Auto rifles like Browning BAR or Remington 7400 $40.00
Custom Muzzle Cap $50.00
Our Gunsmiths can also custom fit your brake by polishing the barreled action and brake together and
then rebluing, additional
The Vixen™ Varmint Brake (installation only) $160.00


Recoil Brake Prices

The "Original" Fox River Brake™ (available in blued or stainless) $79.99
The Vixen™ Varmint Brake (available in stainless only) $79.99


Mag-na-port & Pro-port


Shotgun Porting

There are two stages of perceived recoil when a shotgun is fired: the first is the result of primary ignition, the second is the consequence of expanded propellant burn-off at the muzzle. The ports dissipate shock, and because of their design and placement, redirect muzzle energy to dramatically reduce muzzle lift. For the shooter, this translates into a 15 to 20 percent reduction in perceived recoil, and an average of 60 to 80 percent reduction in muzzle lift! Pro-Porting has proven effective on shotguns of all types, single, over/under, side-by-side, rifled, and slug barrels.


Pump & auto shotguns $100.00
Over & Under both barrels $155.00
Over & Under bottom barrel only $120.00
Side by side both barrels $120.00
Pidgeon porting when done at the same time as standard porting (price per barrel) $35.00
Pidgeon porting when done after a barrel has already been ported with the standard configuration
(price per barrel)


Our Pigeon Port design is an enhancement to the porting design consisting of five additional ports extending back from the top row of the Pro-Port pattern. This style of porting is recommended for shooters using 2¾ dram equivalent or higher loads. It provides up to an additional 5% reduction in recoil and is great for use with pressure first shot, doubles, and in flyer tournaments. The extra pigeon porting is not recommended for gas or recoil operated guns, and is not available for barrels under 24 inches.


Rifle Porting

Competitive shooters and hunters know the importance of being able to squeeze off a fast, accurate second shot. Mag-na-port offers shooters a recoil reduction of about 15% with its four port rifle system.

Traditional Mag-na-port (four ports) $145.00
Rifles with banded, ramped front sights (two ports) $110.00

Handgun Porting

Traditional Mag-na-porting of a handgun consists of two trapezoidal ports cut into the barrel approximately ½ inch from the muzzle. These ports are placed at approximately 35 to 45 degree angles. For the shooter, this translates to a reduction of perceived recoil of 15 to 20%! This service can be done on barrels of any length. $100.00
Two ports on revolvers with shrouded barrels like Dan Wesson or Smith & Wesson Scandium models $155.00
Four ports on Smith & Wesson Model 500 or 460 $215.00
Revolvers or Thompson Center Contenders or Encores with barrels 7.5" to 16", we recommend a four port configuration $130.00
Auto pistols, Mag-na-port offers a unique system of porting semi-automatics by using a trapezoidal port through the barrel and an oversized expansion vent through the slide to allow maximum dissipation without fouling. This process offers an alternative to shooters not wanting additional weight or length from add-on compensators $145.00

Porting Up Charges

Barrels coated with nonconductive finishes such as Teflon or camo coating require an additional charge $20.00
Heavy or bull barrels require an additional charge $20.00

A shipping fee of $15.00 for each job is also required.