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What is Cryo-Accurizing? Cryo-Accurizing is a computer-controlled scientific dry process which relieves stress in your firearm's barrel. Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing. This warping causes a stringing, walking or wandering affect in the shot group. After the deep Cryogenic tempering process, the barrel will no longer bend or warp during firing. The result is a firearm barrel with proven increased performance, both in accuracy and barrel life.



The Cryo-Accurizing Process...

To relieve internal stresses, Cryo-Accurizing treats the firearm barrel to an even temperature all the way through from surface to core. The process is completely computer controlled to within 1/10th of 1° Fahrenheit throughout the complete cycle. The firearm barrel is taken down to -300°F, held at that temperature for a pre-determined time, then slowly brought up through the cycle to approximately +300°F. This painstaking method eliminates the chance of thermal shock and micro-cracking. Cryo-Accurizing permanently refines the grain structure of your firearm barrel at the molecular level and produces a homogeneously stabilized barrel. Carbon particles precipitate as carbides into a lattice structure and fills the microscopic voids. This creates a more dense, smooth surface that reduces friction, heat and wear. The result is better shot groups in handguns and rifles, and more consistent coverage and placement of shotgun patterns.

A Cryo-Accurized barrel will expand more uniformly when heated by firing. The barrel will experience less fouling. It will be easier to clean, and it will absolutely shoot better, longer.

The Cryo-Accurizing Process...

Handgun barrel only $65.00
Handgun barrel and frame (for 1911-style pistols this includes the barrel, slide, and frame) $75.00
Rifle or shotgun barrel only $80.00
Rifle, barreled action, only $85.00
Shotgun barrel and receiver only $85.00

Shipping charges will be assessed to each job. See shipping section for prices.


Glass Bedding

A perfect wood-to-metal fit on bolt actions is important. A poor fit will allow the action to move in the stock while firing, resulting in poor accuracy. A proper bedding job will minimize this movement and remove the stress on the action caused by a poor fit. Using a two part epoxy bedding compound, we can perfectly fit the stock to the action. We also freefloat the barrel as part of the bedding service. Freefloating insures that the barrel has no contact with the stock. This keeps your shots from walking or stringing when the barrel heats up and expands. Some barrels may shoot better with a pressure point. See our in-store Gunsmiths for the application that best suits your firearm.
Glass bedding and freefloating bolt action rifles $100.00


Pillar Bedding

Achieves the same result as glass bedding, but gives you the additional stability of aluminum pillars installed around the actions screws between the action and the bottom metal. $160.00


Barrel Lapping

Hand lapping is the last step in the manufacturing process of top quality, custom rifle barrels. Lapping improves the finish and uniformity of the bore. We have seen accuracy improvements in most factory barrels, sometimes dramatically. Lapping can also reduce copper fouling.
Lap barrel $80.00


Muzzle Crown

The crown is the very front of a rifle barrel and the point at which the bullet exits. If the crown is damaged, worn, or uneven, bullet flight can be adversely affected. There are many types and styles of barrel crowns and all are equally accurate. The quality of the crown is more important than its shape. The last thing the bullet contacts is the crown and you want to be sure it exits the muzzle without interference.
Cut and crown average barrel (sight work additional) $80.00
Recrown only $60.00

What is the AIM? A barrel harmonics dampening device that improves the accuracy of most bolt action rifles.

How it works? The accuracy improvement module is installed in your forend and puts variable pressure up on your rifle's barrel allowing you to tune the barrel to any load or bullet weight.


Key Features


Installed Exclusively by


The Results:

Pictured above are actual targets from tests we conducted on a Browning A-bolt Medallion in .243 Winchester. The first target was with the AIM installed but with no pressure on the barrel. We then began using the AIM to tune the barrel, shooting several groups as we increased the pressure on the barrel two clicks at a time. The target on the right is a three shot group achieved with 10 clicks of adjustment on the Accuracy Improvement Module. Initial three shot groups with this rifle (no pressure on the barrel) averaged 1.25 inches. With the AIM tuned to 10 clicks, three shot groups averaged .305 thousands of an inch. The "after" target shown is a three shot group measuring 0.225 thousands of an Inch. We tested several rifles and experienced a reduction in average group sizes of up to 50% or more on every gun tested. All rifles were tested with factory ammunition.

Accuracy like this is generally found in custom rifles costing thousands of dollars. Using the AIM you can obtain consistent three shot groups measuring well under an inch at a fraction of the cost.

Unit and installation only $99.99