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Dove Hunting Tips & Gear for Dove Hunting Fall Season

While dove hunting has the reputation to be a simple sport with a short hunting season, that doesn’t mean that Gander Mountain doesn’t take it seriously. Dove hunting requires the same level of care and precision as any other hunting season. At Gander Mountain, you can find all the ammo, shotguns, chokes, and other necessary shooting equipment you need for a successful hunting exhibition. Hunting accessories like dove decoys will draw more birds and better odds to you. Boots, vests, blind chairs, and other camouflaged clothing are also a necessity to stay hidden and get the advantage over these fast-moving targets.

Doves are small and quick, which can make them a difficult target to catch. However, with the right shotgun and box of upland ammunition, not even those physical traits can stop you. Whether you go with a wood, black, or camouflaged finish, any one of our carefully chosen shotguns will give you the power and precision to take down these birds. Your ammo should not only match your shotgun, but also your target, and we provide a variety of gauges and shot sizes to fit your preferences. For even more precision and control, equip your shotgun with a choking tube. These specified tubes create tight constrictions and dense patterns in order to gain better range and accuracy. Don't forget your gun accessories like extra magazines, ammo carriers, and more for a high-quality hunting collection.

Before you even step onto the field, make sure you and your hardworking shotgun are ready to hunt these swift birds by practicing with a clay thrower. Clay, or trap, throwers are a great way to enhance your shooting skills and bring your accuracy to a whole new level. The variety of clay throwers allows you to find one that fits your specific shooting style and can be a great tool for the whole family. After a few rounds with your clay thrower, you won't believe the kind of success rate you will find on the field.

Help make doves feel secure and drawn to your area with a complete spread of dove decoys. Doves are more likely to visit your specific spot if they think another flock is already there. Choose from a variety of standstill and motion decoys to create a realistic flock of doves both on the ground and up in the trees. Doves won't be able to resist our selection of lifelike decoys!

Doves are on the move early in the morning and continue throughout the day; stay comfortable while you wait with a cushioned, comfy hunting chair. The variety of blind chairs, tree seats, stools, and more guarantees that you will find a comfortable spot to fit your needs and preferences. Many hunting chairs are fashioned in realistic camouflage patterns, meaning you don't have to worry about being spotted even with your most basic accessories. Sit quiet and stay comfortable with one of our many chair options.

Doves may not seem like the most intelligent creatures, but they do have a keen sense of eyesight and have a distinct aerial advantage. Equip yourself with boots, vests, and other camouflaged clothing like coats, pants, and gloves. Not only will these hunting apparel items increase your stealth, they will also keep you comfortable and warm while you wait for these birds to swoop in. Don't forget a pair of earmuffs to protect your hearing and prolong your shooting finesse for many years to come.

Dove hunting season is quickly arriving and you don't want to fall behind this underappreciated sport. Gander Mountain can help you get geared up with ammo, shotguns, choke tubes, decoys, chairs, apparel, and other great accessories for continued hunting success. Whether you're a seasoned dove hunter or a beginner, we have all the shooting and hunting equipment you need for these small, fast game birds.