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Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist

Gander Mountain - Winter Storm Preparedness

    Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist - Print  
Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist - View Selections
Check all Batteries Determine Out-of-State Family/Friend
Point of Contact
Discuss Family Strategy
Emergency Kit for Each Vehicle (Blankets, First-Aid Kit, Shovel, Scrapper, Flashlight, Distress Signal, Tow Rope, Snack & Sand) Gather Important Documents in Waterproof Container (Social Security Card, Birth
Certificates, Titles/Deeds, Insurance/Bank Accounts, Back-up Hard Drive of Computer)
Keep Your Vehicles Gas Tank Full
Learn How to Shut Off Water Valves
(incase pipe bursts)
Organize/Pack Take First-Aid/CPR/Disaster
Preparedness Classes
Take Photos/Video Your Property and Belongings for Potential Future Insurance Claims Understand Difference Between Winter
Storm Watch, Warning, and Blizzard
Waterproof Map of Community/
Escape Route
Personal and Medical:
Cash (small bills)/Traveler's Checks Pain Reliever Soap
No-Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo Personal Medication Toiletries
Clothing - 3 Days Worth:
Athletic Shoes Long Underwear- Moisture-Wicking Socks Breathable, Moisture Wicking
Belt Mittens/Gloves
(2 pair)- Insulated/Uninsulated)
Boots - Insulated/Uninsulated
(depending on climate)
Pants/Bibs-Insulated Winter Hat
Face Mask/Neck Warmer Pants/Jeans    
Jacket - Insulated/Windproof Shirt - Long Sleeved    
General Accessories:
Anti-Fog Balm for Glasses First-Aid Kit Sand, Rock Salt or Kitty Litter
for Walkways
Batteries Flashlight/Headlamp Screwdriver
Blankets Gas Shovel
Camp Chair(s) Generator Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
Cell Phone and Charger Heater Traditional Non-Cordless Phone
Chemical Foot & Hand Warmers Jumper Cables Unscented Bleach
Cooler Knife/Multi-Tool Vacuum - Wet/Dry
Cordless Drill & Battery Lantern/Safety Strobe Light Watch
Dry Wood for Woodburning Stove/Fireplace Plastic Sheeting Water (3+ Gallons/Person)
Extra Globes/Mantles for Gas Lantern Plastic Storage Containers Water Bottle
Extra Keys for Home and Car Playing Cards/Board Games Water Purification Tablets or Pump
Extra Towels to Seal Doorways and Windows Propane Accessory Hoses Waterproof Stuff Sack
Fan Lights Propane Tank Weather Radio
Fire Extinguisher Rope (50 ft.)  
Tent & Bedding:
Air Mattress/Sleeping Pad Pump for Air Mattress Tent
Hammer/Stakes Cold Weather Sleeping Bag    
Pillows Tarp/Ground Cloth  
Aluminum Foil Disposible Cups/Plates/Bowls/
Pot Holders
Can Opener Eating Utensils (Forks, Knives, Spoons) Pot Scrubber/Sponge
Coffee Pot Fold Up Table Pots/Pans
Cooking Utensils
(Spatula, Spoons, Tongs)
Hand Sanitizer/Cleaner Stove/Grill
Cutting Board Hot Dog Fork Zip-Lock Bags
Dish Soap Insulated Mug  
Food Basics:
Bread and Buns Hot Dogs Salt, Pepper and Seasonings
Canned Foods Ice Tea and Coffee
Dehydrated Food Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise Trail Mix
Honey and Jelly Peanut Butter  
Dog/Pet Equipment:
Dog First-Aid Kit Leash Water Bowl
Dog Food/Energy Supplements Travel Kennel with Extra Blanket    
    Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist - Print  
Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist - View Selectionss