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Winter Camping Checklist

Winter Camping Checklist

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Winter Camping Checklist - View Selections
Buy Permit/Make Campsite Reservations Create a Trip Intinerary. Leave Copy with Friend/Family and One in Vehicle Sharpen Knife/Ax
Check all Batteries Organize/Pack Update Electonics
Clean Binoculars Read Local Rules, Regulations,
Restrictions, Limits etc.
General Camping Equipment:
Cold Weather Sleeping Bags Pillows Tarp/Ground Cloth
Day Pack/Waist Pack Rug for Tent Entrance Tent
Guylines Seam Sealer Wisk Broom
Hammer and Snow Stakes Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad    
Belt Goggles Socks - Liner
Boots - Insulated/Uninsulated
(depending on conditions)
Jacket - Insulated/Windproof Sweatshirt/Fleece
Chemical Foot and Hand Warmers Long Underwear - Moisture Wicking Underwear
FaceMask/Neck Warmer Pants/Bibs- Insulated Vest - Fleece
Face Mask-Silk for Sleeping Pants/Jeans Winter Hat
Gloves- Uninsulated Shirt - Long Sleeved    
Gloves/Mittens (2 pairs) - Insulated/Uninsulated
(depending on conditions)
Socks - Breathable, Moisture-Wicking    
General Accessories:
2-Way Radios Flares Small Hand Pick/Shovel
Anti-Fog Balm for Glasses Flashlight/Headlamp Small Sewing Kit
Avalanche Probe Glass/Lens Cleaner Snow Saw
Avalanche Transciever GPS/Map/Personal Locator Snow Shoes/ Crampons
Batteries Hand Sanitizer Sunglasses and Case with Leash
Binoculars Hydration Pack/Water Bottle Sunscreen/Sunburn Lotion
Book(s) Knife Sharpener Thermometor
Camera Knife/Multi-Tool Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
Camp Chair(s) Lantern/Safety Strobe Light Trail-Marking Tape/Tacks
Candles Lighter (2)/Matches and Case Trekking Poles
Compass Metal Mirror Wash Cloths
Cooler Note Pad/Pencil Watch
Emergency Blanket Playing Cards/Board Games Water Purification Tablets or Pump
Extra Mantles for Gas Lantern Quick-Dry Towels Waterproof Stuff Sack
Firestarters/Flint Retractable Clothes Line and Pins Weather Radio
First-Aid Kit Rope (50 ft.) Whistle
Aluminum Foil Disposible Cups/Plates/Bowls/
Pot Holders
Can Opener Eating Utensils (Forks, Knives, Spoons) Pot Scrubber/Sponge
Coffee Pot Extra Gas Fuel, Charcoal, Propane Pots/Pans
Cooking Utensils
(Spatula, Spoons, Tongs)
Insulated Mug Stove/Grill
Cutting Board Kitchen Knives Table Cloth
Dish Soap Plastic Trash Bags Zip-Lock Bags
Food Basics:
Baked Beans Dehydrated Food Lunch Meat
Bread and Buns Energy Bars Macaroni and Cheese
Butter Energy Drink Mix Milk
Cheese Granola Bars/Trail Mix Peanut Butter
Coffee and Tea Hamburgers/Hot dogs Pepper, Salt and Seasonings
Cooking Oil/Spray Honey and Jelly Sugar
Personal and Medical:
Cash (small bills) No-Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo Soap
Identification Pain Reliever Toiletries
Lip Balm Personal Medication    
    Winter Camping Checklist - Print  
Winter Camping Checklist - View Selections