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Ice Fishing Checklist

Ice Fishing Checklist

    Ice Fishing Checklist - Print  
Ice Fishing Checklist - View Selections
Buy License Lube/Grease/Respool all Reels Read Local Rules, Regulations,
Restrictions, Limits etc.
Buy Live Bait Organize Tackle Box Read/Watch Instructional
Books and Videos
Check All Batteries Organize/Pack Sharpen Knife/Hooks
Check Weather Conditions Practice Fish Identification Update Electronics
Ice Fishing Specific Equipment:
Clamp on Depth Finders Ice Auger Blade Guards Lantern
Electric Tape Ice Auger Engine Oil Propane Accessory Hoses
Extra Globes for Gas Lantern Ice Auger Extension Propane Tank
Extra Mantles for Gas Lantern Ice Auger Gas Propane Thermocouplers
Fish House Ice Auger Replacement Blades Quick Strike Rigs
Fish House Lights Ice Cleats Rod Holders
Fuel Filter Ice Hole Covers Tip Up Lights
Heater Ice Picks Tip Ups
Ice Anchors Ice Skimmer    
Ice Auger> Ice Sleds    
General Fishing Equipment:
5-Gallon Bucket Leaders Rods
Bait Net Line (Specific to Type of Fishing) Sinkers
Bait Bucket Line Clippers Swivels
Bobber Stops Mouth Spreaders Tackle Box
Bobbers Needlenose Pliers Towel
Hooks Reels    
Jig/Lures/Spoons Rod Case    
Boots - Waterproof & Insulated Handmuff Parka
Gloves - Fingerless Long Underwear
Insulated/Moisture Wicking
Socks - Breathable and Insulated
Gloves - Insulated/Un-Insulated
Depending on Weather Conditions
Pants - Insulated Overalls Stocking Hat
General Accessories:
2-Way Radios Hand Sanitizer Rope (50 ft.)
Batteries Hand Warmers Seat/Stool (Bucket/Cushion)
Camera High Energy Food/Snacks Sunglasses Leash
Cooler Knife Sharpener Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
First-Aid Kit Knife/Multi-Tool Water
Flashlight/Headlamp Life Jackets (1 per Person) Waterproof Stuff Sack
Generator Lighter/Matches with Case    
GPS/Map/Personal Locator Polarized Sunglasses    
After The Catch:
Black Permanent Marker Filet Board Plastic Bags
Cooking Utensils
(Spatula, Spoons, Tongs)
Filet Knife Skillet
Cooking Oil Fish Batter Weight Scale
Eating Utensils
(Knives, Spoons, Forks)
Measuring Tape/Ruler/Bump Board    
    Ice Fishing Checklist - Print  
Ice Fishing Checklist - View Selections