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Deer Hunting Checklist
Gander Mountain - Deer Hunting Checklist
    Deer Hunting Checklist - Print  
Deer Hunting Checklist - View Selections
Acquire Landowner's Permission Hang Treestand/Inspect Stands/Set Blind Scouting/Game Cameras/Food Plotting
Buy Landowner Gift (Gander Mtn. Gift Card) Mend any Torn Blinds Screw in Tree Steps
Buy License Organize/Pack Sharpen Knife/Broadheads
Check all Batteries Practice Calling Sight/Tune/Pattern/Test/Practice
Clean Binoculars/Scope Read Local Rules, Regulations,
Restrictions, Limits etc.
Update Electronics
Clean Firearm Read/Watch Instructional
Books and Videos
Wash Clothing
General Hunting Equipment:
Ammunition Game Cameras/Batteries/Memory Cards Scent-Reduction Detergent/Deodorant
Back Pack/Waist Pack Game Ear (Amplifier/Wireless Com.) Scent-Reduction Spray
Bipod Ground Blind/Blind Material Scent-Wicks/Drag or Scrape Dripper
Bow/Gun Case (Hard/Soft) Gun Sock Scope with Caps
Bow/Gun Hanger/Rest Hammer and Stakes Shooting Stick
Bow/Gun Hoist Range Finder Spotting Scope
Gun Hanger/Rest Rachet Clippers Targets (Flat/3D)
Bow/Gun Sling Rifle/Shotgun/Muzzleloader Treestand
Cleaning Kit/Oil/Oil Cloth Scent Attractant Treestand Umbrella
Climbing Stick Scent-Free Containers for Clothing    
Baseball Hat - Blaze Orange Long Underwear
Insulated/Moisture Wicking
Socks - Breathable and Insulated
Baseball Hat - Camo Pants - Camo Socks - Liner
Belt - Camo Pants - Insulated Overalls Stocking Hat - Blaze Orange
(Check Local Laws)
Boots - Insulated/Un-Insulated
Depending on Weather Conditions
Rain Suit Stocking Hat - Camo
Gloves - Insulated/Un-Insulated
Depending on Weather Conditions
Safety Vest (Required) Vest - Blaze Orange
(Check Local Laws)
Handmuff Shirt - Camo Long-Sleeved    
Jacket - Camo Windproof/Pullover Shirt - Camo Short-Sleeved    
General Accessories:
2-Way Radios GPS/Map/Personal Locator Safety/Shooting Glasses
Batteries Hand Sanitizer Seat/Stool (Bucket/Cushion)
Binocular Harness Hand Warmers Sunglasses and Case
Binoculars Hearing Protection Sunglasses Leash
Bug Spray/Insect Repellant Device High Energy Food/Snacks Sunscreen
Camera Hydration Pack Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
Compass Ice Trail Marking Tape/Tacks
Cooler Identification Water
First-Aid Kit Lighter/Matches with Case Waterproof Stuff Sack
Flares Knife Sharpener Wind Indicator
Flashlight/Headlamp Knife/Multi-Tool    
Glass/Lens Cleaner Rope (50 ft.)    
Estrus Bleat Can Grunt Call/Tube Snort/Wheeze Call
Fawn Bleat Can Rattle Bag/Antlers    
After the Shot:
Black Permanent Marker Gambrel Plastic Bags
Butt-Out Tool Game Bags Processing Kit/Knives
Deer Drag/Cart Grinder String for License
Folding Saw Gutting Gloves (Wrist/Shoulder Length)    
Freezer Paper and Tape Pelvic Saw    
    Deer Hunting Checklist - Print  
Deer Hunting Checklist - View Selections