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-Dave Canfield Publisher, Bowhunter


Bowhunting. There's nothing like it. Seasons of numbing cold, blazing heat, throbbing muscles, endless hikes and countless frustrations all become worthwhile in one glorious heart-stopping second.


In bowhunting, "the shot" actually is the culmination of much more than meets the eye. A bowhunter donning a backpack and vanishing into nature's shadows seems to step into a much less complicated past. We who love the sport cherish its simplicity, but as with any difficult task well done, that "simplicity" only becomes reality after the planning, preparation and practice. In fact, I believe a more accurate description of the bowhunter's relationship with nature would be "pure." If the bowhunter is ready, no experience equals a day in the field. And in this sport, getting there is more than half the fun.

I once was asked where one could learn bowhunting in a weekend seminar. I replied that it's impossible to do so. Properly done, it's a lifetime learning experience. Hunting skills require years of honing and are best developed from an early age. Actual use of archery equipment takes regular training and practice for novice and expert alike. Few beginners can shoot more than 10 or 15 arrows in a session - if they want to be able to move tomorrow. On the other hand, in a good hands-on seminar a person can learn about equipment and how it should be used. As with skiing, golf, fly fishing, swimming and some other sports, a little instruction up front prevents a lifetime of bad habits that come from "winging it."

So here, within the pages of Bowhunting Equipment & Skills, is that seminar. Here is what you need to know about the selection and use of bowhunting equipment and development of skills to use it. Here we present the basics for the novice, a valuable reference for the average bowhunter and an excellent review and training aid for the expert.

The primary authors of this book have spent their lifetime involved in bowhunting and are among the sport's best-known authorities. Each of them has made bowhunting history, has written classic books on the sport and continues to pass bowhunting skills and knowledge to the next generation: Bowhunter's Founder/Editor M. R. James, Senior Editor Dwight Schuh, Hunting Editor G. Fred Asbell and Technical Editor Dave Holt.

Begin with a general view of bowhunting equipment. You'll see the differences among bow designs and understand the advantages or disadvantages of each. Then the interesting part begins - the accessories. This is where bowhunters become hooked for life and destined to tinker forever among broadheads, fletchings, sights, quivers, gloves, tabs, optics and countless other items, each designed to provide just a little more of an edge.

Armed for the moment with the essentials (there always will be something else beckoning), it's time to tune equipment and sharpen personal skills. The Bowhunting Skills and Tuning sections guide you as you become as one with your equipment.

Now, it's time to bring it all together in the field. Bowhunting offers camaraderie, closeness with nature, solitude and memories. The skill is up to each of us, and it takes a considerable amount. For in the end, it all adds up to one razor-sharp, well-placed broadhead.

Keep 'em sharp!