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Being the best in the field takes hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. These are four things that Gander Mountain strives to maintain, day after day. The end result is a superior selection of hunting gear for each season, which ultimately equates to better success in the field for hunters. Whether you’re after waterfowl, upland birds, deer, wild turkey, small game, or just target shooting, we’ve got the equipment you need to enhance your performance.


From shotgun, to rifle, to hand gun, to bow, and muzzleloader shooters, Gander Mountain’s got the top brands in the business to keep you on track. Browning, Remington, Winchester, Bushnell, Federal, Leupold, Simmons, Rocky, Flambeau, Hunter’s Specialties, LaCrosse, Ameristep, Primos, GSM Stealth Cam, Weaver, Zeiss, Bio Logic, Darton, Avery, and more. At Gander Mountain you’ll find the names you’ve come to know and trust.


And when it comes to service, it’s tough to beat Gander Mountain. From our professional in-store gunsmiths to our full-service archery pro shops with custom arrow cutting, we’re here to keep your equipment performing at its peak. We also buy and sell used guns to offer you added value and convenience. And don’t forget your hunting license. They’re available during regular store hours at our customer service counter. All in all, Gander Mountain offers a top-notch hunting package you’ll want to experience for yourself!




There's nothing like it. Seasons of numbing cold, blazing heat, throbbing muscles, endless hikes and countless frustrations all become worthwhile in one glorious heart-stopping second...


Shooting Mechanics & Techniques
If you try to force a bow to perform in a particular way, or try to force an arrow into the target, you create muscle tension that makes it nearly impossible...


Choosing Your Equipment
More than any other style of hunting, bowhunting is more art than science. Just as each archer must adapt a shooting style to fit his or her personality and abilities, the selection of bow and accessories will be a highly personal...


Arrow Trajectory
The slower the speed of a projectile, the more it will drop over the course of its flight. To compensate for this drop, a projectile must be fired in an arched path to successfully strike the intended target. The arrow starts below the archer's line...


Gearin’ Up!: Part 1
Once my feet hit the ground after the bear season, my gear needs to be ready to go for whitetails…my real passion.





Keeping all your firearms dry and away from moisture when not in use is critical if you want to win the battle against rust. Here are some tips for keeping moisture from causing rust on your firearms.


Small Game
The nation's hunters spend more time in pursuit of small game than on any other type of hunting. The sport's popularity stems from the relative ease of finding game. With a little scouting, you can probably locate small game...





Snow Tracking
Some hunters claim to be interested in deer tracks only if a big whitetail buck is still standing in them. That old joke may be good for a laugh, but it also demeans the art of tracking, an ancient hunting tactic...